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First Choice Credit Union offers Visa Credit Cards with:

  • fixed rates as low as 9.99% (based on your creditworthiness)
  • no annual fee
  • no balance transfer fee
  • worldwide acceptance

Apply for a Visa Credit Card

Secured credit cards are also available to help you start building credit or can also help you improve and rebuild damaged credit. Secured credit cards are used exactly like a regular card. Money is deposited into a share account to secure a set limit. For example: Deposit $500 in shares. We will place a hold on these shares to secure a $500 credit limit on a Visa credit card. Your repayment history will be reported to the credit bureau helping you establish or repair your credit score. Secured credit cards are a great way for parents to help their college bound children build credit.

  • 800-322-8472 - 24 hour automated number to check your balance and posted payments
  • 866-604-0381 - to speak to a Visa representative
  • 866-297-3408 - if you forget your PIN or need help changing your PIN allows you to:

  • pay your bill
  • obtain an account summary or statement
  • track transactions
  • monitor your profile

click on link to enroll in ezcardinfo

Credit cards provide a great convenience in our daily life, but they can also be dangerous. It can be easy to fall into debt and difficult to get out of debt. Use your card wisely and responsibly.


To report a lost or stolen card call First Choice Credit Union at 815-434-5860 or Visa at 727-570-4881.

When your Visa card is reported as lost, stolen or compromised, the card is blocked and a new card will be issued with a new account #. Your PIN will be mailed separately with instructions for changing it.

If your Visa card is reported lost or stolen, you are protected from any fraudulent purchases made against your account.