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Our Courtesy Pay program allows First Choice Credit Union to pay a share draft written on your checking account even if it causes the account to become overdrawn. Courtesy Pay provides you an added protection should you accidentally write checks, make withdrawals, or perform ATM transactions for more than you have in your account.

To qualify for Courtesy Pay, your checking account must be open for at least 90 days and must be in good standing. You must have a valid street address on file and you must be at least 18 years old.

You may qualify for Courtesy Pay if your checking account has been maintained in good standing, which includes at least:

  • Making regular deposits consistent with your past practices
  • Depositing an amount equal to or more than the amount of Courtesy Pay extended to you with each thirty (30) day period and bringing your account balance to a positive balance within every thirty (30) day period
  • You are not in default on any loan or other obligation to First Choice Credit Union
  • You are not subject to any legal or administrative order or levy

If you overdraw your account, we may pay each debit item up to a courtesy pay limit of $500.00, including applicable fees. You will receive a written notice every time Courtesy Pay is used. Our nonsufficient funds fee of $30.00 per overdraft applies.

The Member Application and Agreement and Disclosures provided to you at the time you opened your account with us controls the duties, obligations and rights of the member, the authorized signatures and First Choice Credit Union with regard to your account. The deposit account (and all amendments thereto) and its terms shall control any conflict, if any, between any provision of the Courtesy Pay Disclosure and the Member Application and Agreement and Disclosures. Upon request, a copy of the verbiage contained in the Member Application and Agreement and Disclosure is available to you from First Choice Credit Union.

First Choice Credit Union is not obligated to pay any item presented for payment if your account does not contain sufficient available funds. Any discretionary payment (or other negotiation of processing) by First Choice Credit Union of any nonsufficient funds check or checks (or other items) does not obligate First Choice Credit Union to pay any additional nonsufficient funds check or items or to provide prior notice of its decision to refuse to pay any additional nonsufficient funds check or item. Courtesy Pay is non-contractual and discretionary. It is not an obligation of First Choice Credit Union and we may refuse to provide the service on any account at any time and from time to time.

If you receive a direct deposit into your checking account or if for any other reason you do not want Courtesy Pay on your account, you must advise us to stop paying your overdrafts. You have the right to withdraw this service at any time. Your signature will be required to opt out of Courtesy Pay.

If you elect to have Courtesy Pay on ATM/debit transactions, regulations require that you opt in, authorizing First Choice Credit Union to pay overdrafts on ATM and everyday debit card transactions. You have the right to revoke your authorization at any time by contacting us via telephone, in writing, or by completing a new authorization form.