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  • No minimum balance required
  • No monthly maintenance fee
  • Free debit card


Our debit card works like a check with the convenience of a credit card.

Use your debit card at an ATM to withdraw cash or at a retail point of sale to make a purchase. Use your card as a debit (with a PIN) or as a credit (sign for your purchase).

Transactions made with your First Choice Credit Union debit card are withdrawn from the available balance in your checking account. If the funds in your account are insufficient to cover the amount of your purchase, the transaction will be declined. To avoid this situation, qualified members can opt-in to Courtesy Pay and agree to have First Choice Credit Union cover your debit card overdrafts up to $500. Fees and limits may apply. Checking accounts, free debit cards and Courtesy Pay are available to qualified members.

Has your debit card been lost or stolen?

Call 800-500-1044 immediately. (This number is only to report lost or stolen cards. It is not a member service number.) Then call First Choice Credit Union at 815-434-5860 so we can issue you a new card.


Have you overspent a little? Made a math error? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. First Choice Credit Union may pay each debit item up to a Courtesy Pay limit of $500, including applicable fees.

Qualifications for Courtesy Pay:

  • Must be a member in good standing and at least 18 years of age
  • Checking account must be open for at least 90 days
  • Must be making regular deposits equal to or more than the amount of Courtesy Pay being extended
  • Must bring account to positive balance within every 30 day period
  • Must not be in default on any First Choice Credit Union loan
  • Must not be subject to any legal or administrative order or levy

If a member receives a direct deposit into their checking account or if for any other reason does not want Courtesy Pay extended, they must advise us to stop paying their overdrafts. The member will have the right to withdraw this service at any time. The member’s signature will be required to opt out of Courtesy Pay. Standard overdraft Courtesy Pay DOES NOT APPLY to debit card transactions unless you specifically opt in. If you want First Choice Credit Union to pay your debit card transactions when you have insufficient funds in your account, you must complete and sign an opt in form.

Courtesy Pay is a discretionary program. If we do not authorize and pay an overdraft, your transaction will be declined.


Choose E Statements for convenience and security.

  • Receive your statement sooner
  • Access your statement conveniently online
  • Eliminate the risk of identity theft if your statement is stolen from your mailbox
  • Store your information securely online; no bulky paper statements to store

To sign up for E Statements, log into First Choice Credit Union online banking. E Statements can be found in the Services tab.

We respect your privacy. First Choice Credit Union only uses your email address for credit union business. We will never share you email address with a 3rd party.


Most of our members order checks using the reorder form that comes with your previous check order. You can also ask Member Services for assistance with ordering checks.

There are a variety of check options available. The cost varies on the style and quantity you choose.